Check out some clips from our recent shows on our youtube channel:

Upcoming Shows

07/15 @ Sheridan Beach Club

07/20 @ 192 Brewing Lake Trail Taproom

08/03: Barn Burner Micro Music Fest @Dig Deep Gardens


08/09 @ Big Bottom Festival



Lies I Told is a six song EP recorded in December 2021

Lies I Told

About Us

Twig Flicker emerged from the dank woods, sunny fields, and deep river bends of the bottom lands with a mission: to get the Big Bottoms shaking and keep the Twig Flicking.
We are a 5-piece rock band from Shoreline, WA. The band formed in 2018 from a collection of music-loving fun havers at Big Bottom to entertain ourselves and our friends. Our unique brand of entertainment fuses danceable grooves with strong female vocals and layered guitars with groovy rhythms and jams that will make you want to flick the twig. Hailed as Big Bottom Festival favorites by hippies in the woods, Twig Flicker have performed at lots of birthday parties and have attracted over a dozen YouTube subscribers. Flick the twig!

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